Web Design Trends 2017

Web Design Trends For The Year 2017

It is very much common among most of the designers to believe that following the trends is not easy to do and is the crucial part of their job. Therefore, being updated has become not only mandatory but also obligatory. There are very basic reasons in order to follow the latest trends. Visiting such websites will definitely inspire you and will add to your skills.

shapebootstrap.net has a list of top 10 web design trends for 2017:

10 most emerging modern web design trends 2017

03 FEBRUARY 2017

With the ever expanding galaxy, the web design is also evolving with newest of trends. In the past few years we have seen a huge revolution in the field of web design. Creative and user-friendly design trends and technologies are gradually unfolding with their full potential to ensure satisfaction of modern day web experience. We believe, in the year 2017 the revolution will be continued.

It’s a good practice to follow the latest design trends as it keeps you updated with amazing things the designers and developers are implementing. As it is not good to be tagged #old with your design, let’s take a peek on the predictions which web design trends will dictate in 2017.
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Expected web trends in 2017

In previous year we have seen a lot of amazing web designs, but now it is time to look forward toward 2017. What kind of designs is expected in this year? Furthermore, we will also get to know the variations in web designs. Given below is the list of expected designs:

Stress on content

In the previous year we have seen sidebars, popup, banners, comments, boxes and many more. But in the ear of 2017 the emphasis is more on the quality of the content and less on such things.

Ian Byrd at Motocms.com has an eye on following trends for 2017:

8 Web Design Trends 2017: What’s Coming Next?

Ian Byrd
27 December, 2016

The world of web design is a continually changing one. Some trends die out, others continue to develop, some of them undergo certain changes and new trends appear. It is necessary to take into consideration the fact that web design is influenced not only by the new technological achievements but also by fashion, current news and cultural events.

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Patterns and geometric shapes

It has been observed that in 2016, there was a great trend of using geometric shapes and different type of patterns. You will see them in 2017 as well. The reason is that there is infinite amount of ways in which the geometric designs can be used.

This video by The Deep End tells you the trends that will boost your conversion:

Use of animations

In the year of 2017, people will get to see more common use of animation in the web designs.