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3 Tips To A More Productive Life

Getting more important things accomplished on every single day is what defines productivity. Many people want to do just that but they struggle because there never seems to be a shortage of distractions. The good news is that you can actually figure out how to avoid getting distracted so that you can focus on only the most important things that can help you achieve the goals you have set. You cannot become productive enough without making deliberate efforts to get and stay organized.


Planning and time management


How you end up spending each day when you wake up will definitely determine your productivity. Some people wake up and try to figure out what to do as the day goes by. That’s a terrible mistake because if you do that will only spend your time on whatever comes up even from random thoughts. It will most likely not be the most important things on your agenda. The best way is always to decide what to do with your time in advance, so daily planning is critical. You must have your to-do list for each day to avoid having to do the unnecessary work of thinking about the next task. Such a list allows you to prioritize the most important tasks first so that a clear process is defined to achieve your goals. Make use of old school agendas and planners as well as any digital or online planning calendar. The old planners allow you to write on clean sheets of paper using your pen without any resections or limiting your creativity.

hit your goals through using a STARTplanner day planner

Action and accountability


If you have already been setting goals as part of your yearly, monthly or weekly panning, you may have realized sometimes action can delay and you end up postponing some things or even never doing them. That’s one the biggest sources of failure when trying to get organized and remaining goal-oriented. Failure to complete tasks on your weekly organizer on time means not achieving your goals within any time deadlines or dates you may have previously set on your calendar. When you allow a lot of stuff to pile up, you certainly realize it’s difficult to get anything done according to plan. You easily lose it and fall back to disorganization. So if you have a list of tasks to do today, make sure they are completed and checked off the daily planner. That only inspires more action for the following day and encourages organization. To enhance your accountability, make sure you have a support system like your partner or other people you can surround yourself and they care to ask you if you have completed certain tasks.


Reviews and adjustments


Of course no planning process is ever perfect, so sometimes you can expect not all tasks may be completed according to plan and deadlines. But that gives you an opportunity to review your planning and efforts to stay organized. You can look back and figure out where you didn’t plan well and improve with your next plans. Even after adding tasks on your daily planner, you may realize certain conflicts as far as time allocated or other requirements are concerned. So making the appropriate adjustments regularly keeps you on track to achieve your goals.